Commercial Structures

Blocks Container Structures provides quality commercial container structures for businesses throughout Western Canada.

We work with commercial clients to help build them incredibly safe, strong and green structures using shipping containers. Our Sea Can structures are a cost effective business solution that helps you get to market quickly and meets or exceeds building codes. 

It’s not as easy as it looks! Making container structures just right takes a lot of experience and know-how. Our team knows how to do it right and can help your business create the perfect custom solution for your needs.


Quick, Cost-Effective & Green

Blocks Container Structures can help you build a temporary or permanent structure for your business, including multi-level structures. Through our shipping container builds we can reduce construction time by up to 40% and provide a durable, safe and sustainable structure. 

Our team is ready to customize your Sea Can structure according to your business needs. It’s the perfect solution to test the waters in a new market, build a unique and green structure that will capture the interest of clients, create a temporary retail unit on site or get a structure up quickly.


Built by the Best

The team at Blocks Modular are experts in building shipping container homes and structures. We are leading the industry in best building practices and design, and we have worked on hundreds of shipping containers. Our experience and expertise will ensure your commercial building is innovative, unique and durable.





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