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Blocks Container Structures is your source for quality modular container homes in Western Canada!

Shipping container homes have grown tremendously in popularity as they are stunning to look at and they are also extremely cost effective to build, quick to build, and incredibly durable. Sea Cans are built to withstand the elements of the wind and sea; they are also fireproof, insect proof, mold proof, sustainable/green, and they meet or exceed structural safety codes. 

Our modular container homes are perfect for an individual looking for an alternative personal home, cabin, rental property, staff accomodations, shed, beach house, remote housing or even hotels. With our expertise and experience our team can build you a tiny house all the way up to a multi-level structure.


Amazing Space & Versatility

Blocks Modular homes are built from Sea Cans or shipping containers which are used to create an affordable but incredibly durable frame for your home. At first it sounds very limiting, but the possibilities are endless in designing homes, cabins, beach house, man caves, rental units, sheds and more. With the simplicity and strength of the Sea Can frame we end up with a blank slate to design the interior of your home and we can reduce construction time by up to 40%. We can also combine or stack containers to can create much larger and custom spaces.


Built by the Best

The team at Blocks Container Structures are experts in building shipping container homes and structures. We are leading the industry in best building practices and design and have worked on hundreds of shipping containers. Our experience and expertise will ensure your home is innovative, beautiful, and reliable.





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