This summer we helped Earls in downtown Calgary build a unique and modular patio out of SeaCans. Last week we introduced you to this exciting project from the Blocks Container Structure team and showed you a detailed look at the construction process. If you missed it be sure to check out the container structure build here.

Our team has worked on many commercial container structure builds and has the expertise and know-how to move them safely and easily. Today we're going to  look at the process of transporting and setting up the new Earl's patio. 

One of the many benefits of commercial container structures is the fact that they can be built off-site without any interruption to your existing business and clients. There is no need to shut down your office or deal with the noise and hassle of construction crews for weeks on end. We do all of the building at our warehouse (and can even build inside throughout the winter) and then transport the finished container structures and put in the finishing touches on site.